Thursday, May 12, 2016

What is Culture ?

What ..

Life is a activity. After we was born, we would start everything at everywhere for every time. Wake up every morning, have breakfast, and go to school. we are still remember that our teacher learns regarding ancient a particularly its way of live. In fact, many ancient - way of live are still used by till present and many people keep them, then we call "traditional culture". What is "Traditional Culture"

Traditional is following or belonging to the customs, or ways  behaving that have continued in a group of people or society for  long time without changing.  Cambridge's dictionary 
Culture is way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs of a particular group at a particular time.
So Traditional Culture is meant that way of life, customs, beliefs that have continued in particular group of people or society for long time without changing. How long is something change to traditional culture? I do not know. May at present something is traditional culture to be nothing at future?  It is a question.

Do you know when traditional culture created?  Chinese culture is one of the oldest culture in the world. A note history of china explain that the first Chinese dynasty was established in 21st century B.C. and it was time that Chinese traditional culture created. In 221 B.C. Chinese was unified.  Chinese culture consists of ceramics, architecture, music, literature, martial arts, cuisine, visual arts, philosophy, and religion. Can Chinese culture's influence shape the world? Paper money, Chinese discovered paper money in 9th century AD, they called "flying money" because it could blow out of one hand. The government adopted paper money for forwarding tax payments. At present we all use paper money for means in trading.  Compass, it is used to recognize direction of a location. At museum of China history there is a plate  that  pioneer of compass, it invented in 4th BC. Compass in Chinese as SiNan. SiNan has two-part instrument, the first one is a metal spoon and the other is a square bronze plate. We are still using compass until now.

The most of ...

Language is something used to communicate a person to another,  it is one of many kind of culture. Do you know that the youngest language in the world is African - South Africa.  it became official in 1925. In country's  history when Dutch farmers settled on South Africa, the language is a mixture 18th Century Dutch, Bantu, Khoisan and even Portuguese and Malay.

Every place has unique traditional culture.  But, we must realize that a traditional culture is a heritage by ancestor and it also highlights or characteristics of country, region, or place.  In fact, sometime traditional culture in somewhere is regarded a weird culture by another.

Where ..

In Indonesia, Toraja tribe lived in  Northern of South Sulawesi has tradition for living  the Death. its is believed the soul of their love ones will be preserved until burial. Madura, one of many islands of Indonesia archipelago. It has traditional culture for "Dancing Madura" and "Stick of Madura". it is believed that their vagina to be like young woman and fragrant. In Banten, Western Java Island is also has weird tradition, they call "Debus". It is part of martial art to do something dangerous, and is done by a man, such as to knife his neck, to cut his tongue, to cut his hand, to burry in ground, and all of those  not make him hurt. Moreover, In Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, "Pasola" is traditional culture that held two times in a years, two men are fighting each other by throwing javelin,  until they are bleed. They are believed that their blood fall in ground will make increase to their harvest.

China - Shrink the women's feet, tradition is done by middle-class women or high-class women to make their feet seem smaller. They are believed that having a smaller feet is symbol beauty of woman. Their mother had bond her feet since  5 - 8 years old, it was done by binding all of feet finger, but their  thumb was free.  Because of the reason feet's health, at present it is forbid by government.

India - Sati is an Indian's traditional culture by burning themselves upon the death of a man that carried out by a wife , a mother, or a brother in law, he as a husband, a son, or brother in law.

Japan - seppuku is  done by either voluntary samurai as a honor code.

Religion is the belief in and worship of a god or gods, or any such system of belief and worship. Cambridge's dictionary 
Religion is part of a culture. Why? Each religion has specific away to pray to God. Religion is universal, it can not be claimed by one nation. I believe that all of religion give something that make people doing better. No one is a religious and a terrorist, no one is a religious and a criminal, no one a religious and a loser. Why is he a terrorist? Why is he a criminal? Why is he a loser? In this context because he is no religion. Some research reveal the influence religion and criminal.

The first major empirical study of religion and crime was conducted by Travis Hirschi and Rodney Stark (1969)

Hirschi and Stark found no relationship between religious attendance or belief in supernatural sanctions and self-reported delinquent acts. They concluded that respondents’ decisions to commit crimes were linked with perceptions of pleasure and pain on earth, instead of on perceived heavenly rewards for good behavior or the punishment of hellfire for sinful acts.

But Stark, Kent, and Doyle (1982) suggested that the findings from Hirschi and Stark’s (1969) study were largely due to the moral makeup of the area in which it was conducted (Richmond, California). Religion is most likely to reduce crime and deviance in more religious areas of the United States (e.g., Southeast, Midwest), and is less likely to do so in less religious areas (e.g., Northeast, Pacific Northwest).
Higgins and Albrecht (1977) suggested that the absence of a significant relationship between religiosity and delinquency in Hirschi and Stark’s (1969) landmark study stemmed from the use of a sample from a primarily nonreligious Western population. Higgins and Albrecht analyzed a sample drawn from the more religious-oriented South and found that religiosity led to reductions in the amount of self-reported crime and deviance. 

What is the important of culture?
Merlin Donald has written on culture’s influence on our brain functioning — and even our brain structure. Merlin holds that language has the biggest impact on brain structure but that culture influences brain functioning to a great extent. In his book A Mind So Rare.
A person's culture is one of the most important environmental factors shaping their personality (Triandis & Suh, 2002)

How To ..

Every country has same view about value of culture. I think to be important to preserve a culture. How to preserve a culture?

  • Love your culture.
  • Learn your culture.
  • Share your culture.
  • And you are be a person culture.