Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gobak Bunder

"Gobak Bunder" is a traditional game which originated from Central Java, Indonesia. "Bunder" in Javanese language means "round" or circle, therefore in this game there are elements that contain a circle.  How to play "Gobak Bunder" flat land required, 2-10 persons. I painted a flat ground game loop that contains approximately 9 people. Then do the lottery for ten people. 1 person be the loser, the rest becomes the winning side. The winning party will go in a circle, while a losing party will be at the outside of the circle while spinning around a circle with one hand into the circle. When the hands of the people who are inside the circle, then the people who touched will be the loser, and the loser into the middle of the circle joining the winning side, and so on. 

It's Simple Right !!! good Luck